Hey everyone,

In the midst of these worrying times, I’ve had quite a few people reach out to me regarding how they can keep their training going now that their gym is closed, and/or they’re working from home.

It’s incredibly easy to quickly become sedentary if our normal routine is changed, and one of the best ways to boost your immunity IS to keep strong, healthy, fit and mobile.

To do my bit, I have put together a FREE ‘Working (Out) From Home 7-day Challenge’. There are two short workouts per day; a ‘Morning Mobiliser’ and your ‘Main Moves’. (the brave can do them back-to-back). No equipment is needed, they are for EVERYBODY, and all the family can join in. All the workouts, demonstrations and videos are in my app. If you’re looking for a simple, equipment free 7-day home workout to keep you moving, mobile and energised, this is for you.

There’s also a new (optional) Facebook group to hopefully build a little community so that we can encourage each other along!

If you think that this is something that might help you, please fill in the fields below and I will send you the details to download the app and get started. You can start the challenge on any day, and I’ll keep this going as long as these unique circumstances last. 

Simply let me know your name, email address and goal and I’ll send you an email so that you can download the app, sign your informed consent and get started!

Feel free to share this with friends and/or colleagues that may benefit.


If you’d like to join the optional Facebook group for that all important community and motivation, here’s the link:


There will be direction, support and of course the accountability of the group to help you along the way!