Can you describe your top 1 to 2 goals when you started?

“To lose ‘baby weight’ and strengthen muscles, especially around my knees.”

What changes do you feel good about, having completed the 12 weeks?

“Building muscles overall, and getting more confident with exercises for the knee, losing a bit of weight and dropping in measurements, overall I am eating healthier and slowly changing bad habits.”

When you joined the programme, you had some ideas about how you’d like to change your exercise and eating habits. Over the 12 weeks, did that happen, and if so, how?

“Yes – I eat healthier, less sugar and more vegetables. I wanted to do exercise regularly which I now do.” 

Looking forward, over the next few months, what would you like to do better?

“Continue working on adding better habits to my day – eating slowly all the time, not just some of the time, eating a greater variety of vegetables and less sugar. Ensuring I get some exercise done three times each week and experimenting with healthier snacks.”

What works really well?

“The exercises can all be completed at home! The weekly catch up is motivating and helps to talk things through. Love that the exercises are tailored just for you and that the overall focus is on changing bad habits rather than having an actual food plan. It’s a very positive approach.”

Can you describe any reservations that you had before we started working together?

“I thought that online training would not be beneficial for me as I never liked working out at home and also preferred having a personal trainer face to face. I thought I would not have the motivation to complete this successfully.”

How I was able to help allay these reservations?

“Motivation was kept up due to weekly catch-ups and regular checks! Talking through goals, focusing, and regularly verbalising (and focusing on) why I wanted to succeed was great. Online training actually fits in very well with my lifestyle and the exercises are easy to copy and descriptive.” 

Can you list your achievements with training/nutritional coaching thus far?

  • “losing weight (and reducing circumferences)
  • eating healthier and changing bad habits
  • keeping up regular exercises
  • feeling much stronger.”

What else would you like to add, regarding absolutely anything?

Being a mum of a young baby, you often feel like you don’t have time for yourself and I found that taking some time out of my busy schedule and doing something for myself is also good for my emotional well-being. I feel more positive and confident in myself, especially as I am also noticing physical changes of fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes as well as getting generally stronger. The programme is very well thought through and I’ve had a very positive experience.”

Sophie Edwards, Social Worker