Can you describe your top 1 to 2 goals when you started?

“Get fit for surf camp and get back into exercising and fitness generally.”

What changes do you feel good about, having completed the 12 weeks?

“Surprisingly the nutrition side was really helpful, more than I thought it would be. But also just carving time into my schedule to exercise regularly.”

When you joined the programme, you had some ideas about how you’d like to change your exercise and eating habits. Over the 12 weeks, did that happen, and if so, how so?

“I knew I wanted to eat better, but I didn’t have a specific plan or guidance. Actually setting priorities each week and having a plan made it much easier to adapt slowly and in a way I could (and do) maintain. I thought the exercise part would be much harder. Don’t get me wrong some of the exercises were tough, but actually the sessions were short (and I now realise cleverly focused) so I saw and felt results quicker than I expected to, which really spurred me on. The eating habits have actually stuck, which I’m delighted about.”

Can you describe any reservations that you had before we started working together?

“That I wouldn’t have time. That not having a trainer next to me would mean I wouldn’t actually do anything, or enough.”

How I was able to help allay these reservations?

“Just being there, helping me set realistic expectations and encouraging me to get on with them.”

In point form, can you list your achievements with training/nutritional coaching thus far?

“Much better eating habits
Increased strength
Toned physique
Felt better
Looked better (even other people commented!)
Lower cholesterol (BUPA health check at end of programme)
Lost fat and gained some muscle (according to the machine at my gym)
Arrived at surf camp and didn’t have muscle injuries or aches
Better at carving out time for my health, both at work and in prep time.”
In your opinion, what (if anything) makes this service/me as a coach unique in what I’m offering?

“Your expertise and past experience coupled with your friendly can-do attitude and realistic programme for a busy professional. “

Charlotte Davies, Assistant General Counsel – Heidrick & Struggles