Can you describe your top 1 to 2 goals when you started?

“Lose weight and get to 11stone and tone up my upper body.”

What changes do you feel good about, having completed the 12 weeks?

“Feel leaner, stronger and eating habits have become my new normal”

When you joined the programme, you had some ideas about how you’d like to change your exercise and eating habits. Over the 12 weeks, did that happen, and if so, how so? 

“Yes, motivation was key and seeing results was the most important. Having weekly catch up and then monthly measurements all helped.”

Looking forward, over the next few months, what would you like to do better?

“I’d like to get even more variation of healthy foods and try new meals.”

What works really well?

“The ability to workout at home or anywhere when convenient for you. Also not having to spend a lot of money on equipment.”

Can you describe any reservations that you had before we started working together?

“The number of workouts and how to find time to do them. The motivation provided by trainer. Will I achieve my goals in the 12 week window.”

How I was able to help allay these reservations?

“Workouts were tailored to my abilities. Weekly catch ups provided me the motivation. Monthly measurements and pdf with details to see actual results.”

Can you list your achievements with training/nutritional coaching thus far?

  • “Lost 1.5 stone
  • Much stronger (people comment in football)
  • Upper body more toned (people commented)
  • Healthier eating (food I enjoy)
  • Can do things I couldn’t do before (push ups).”

In your opinion, what (if anything) makes this service/me as a coach unique in what I’m offering? 

“Feels that every workout, update, guidance is 100% focused on me and my goals and not a generic workout plan.”

What else would you like to add, regarding absolutely anything?

“12 weeks not only provided the desired results but it was fun along the way. Something I never thought I’d say about training!”

Bhadresh Patel, Insight Manager – Lloyds Banking Group