Can you describe your top 1 to 2 goals when you started?

“To look and feel better”

What changes do you feel good about, having completed the 12 weeks?

“My mobility is vastly improved and my weight loss has accelerated.”

When you joined the programme, you had some ideas about how you’d like to change your exercise and eating habits. Over the 12 weeks, did that happen, and if so, how so?

“It did happen, thankfully communication has been unsurpassed. I asked for some extra stretching exercises and some movements that took into consideration an old knee injury. Both requests were addressed and responded to in 24hrs.”

Looking forward, over the next few months, what would you like to do better?

“Simply remain consistent.”

In point form, can you list your achievements with training/nutritional coaching thus far?

  • “Improved mobility
  • weight-loss
  • confidence.”

In your opinion, what (if anything) makes this service/me as a coach unique in what I’m offering?

“Sincerity, professionalism, honest communication.”

Abdul Farouk, Chef