My goal as a coach is to help people get into fantastic shape, through detailed assessment, personalised coaching and honest, consistent, motivational feedback.

Hi, my name is Ayo Williams and I’ve been training people since 1998… and I love it. It’s no exaggeration to admit that I get more satisfaction from helping others reach their goals than my own. As a trainer and nutrition coach, I specialise in helping dads get into the best shape of their lives, despite the demands life throws at us. There’s no doubt that a great many people struggle with diminished energy levels, a general lack of time and therefore the opportunity to really look after ourselves.

I now focus on specific ways to overcome this as my experience and study have shown me how to help you with these challenges. Having successfully trained men and women to a range of goals over the years, the things they all had in common were an underlying pressure of work, family/relationships and/or existing commitments, which drew their energy away from any sort of focus on themselves. (I add my own recent experience as a knackered new Dad to this.) It’s always a challenge helping people find solutions to get better movement and nutritional habits into their day… I find it hugely rewarding doing so.

My personal journey in fitness has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, the highest – completing the Marathon des Sables in 2011, the lowest being recovering in hospital from a then-devastating Crohn’s disease related operation in 1999.

Both extremes taught me so much about the power of a ‘can-do’ mindset, positive planning and knowing when (and how) to ask for help. I have unashamedly used the best and worst of my experiences (as well as everyone else’s) to evolve my coaching style and advice to where it is today… and the evolution continues.

After completing a Sports Science degree, I set up as an independent Personal Trainer and Sports Massage therapist before joining Matt Roberts Personal Training in 2000. I went on to train, manage and mentor teams of trainers and support staff for more than a decade at what was the UK’s pioneering Personal Training provider. Following a year spent working for the renowned Precision Nutrition, Achieve Your Objective Training + Nutrition was set up – the goal: to bring two decades of expertise and successful formulae to an audience beyond central London.

I have trained hundreds of clients (and scores of trainers) and pinpointed the essence of what really helps people learn, change and defeat the inertia holding them back from positive change. I currently live in London UK with my wife and young daughter and without a doubt, my biggest joy/pastime is time spent with them. I’d also list comedy (Archer, Taskmaster), holidaying (Montenegro, Dominican Republic recently) and swimming (first Triathlon booked!) as things that currently spark joy.

There’s no doubt that I’m a fortunate fellow in that I love my work and am enjoying building and developing ways to helping more and more people achieve their objective from afar.

“Why are you a coach?”

I started training people because I just love the feeling of helping people get all the benefits that being healthier can provide. I love a challenge. And I like to win. In terms of physique and athletic ability, I have always struggled… through being distinctly average at school, followed by a Crohn’s disease diagnosis back in ’99, to managing a large team of trainers alongside training my own clients, there have always been other priorities ahead of the desire to look ‘my best’ or ‘feel good’.

This is true now more than ever with a toddler at home! What I have learned both through my own experience, and the thousands of hours spent with clients just like you is that there are always things that we can change, adapt, or sometimes just tweak to start the momentum towards a successful outcome.

“Why Online Training and Nutrition Coaching?”

Firstly, it’s not new. Every good trainer, physiotherapist and teacher knows that what happens outside of the session can be far more important than what happens during the limited face-to-face contact time that we actually have. As such, the best trainers have always made huge efforts to guide clients’ food/drink choices as well as the training that clients do on their own. (For physios read rehab, and for teachers – homework. We all know what happens if you don’t do either…).

Achieve Your Objective Training and Nutrition simply uses organised, tried and tested systems of helping you train consistently, and cement the nutritional habits needed for long-term change. You tell me your goal. We’ll look at your individual situation, and identify the areas where we can make the biggest impact. Together, we’ll agree upon a plan which takes you forward.

“Will it work for me?”

Let’s find out! Check out some success stories here, delve a little deeper with the FAQ here, or… APPLY HERE!