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Shedding those extra pounds after your break – 3 quick tips

For many of us, a change to our regular routine often results in weight gain. Holidays, the kids being around more or perhaps even just a few extra glasses of ‘what you fancy’ during the warmer (or winter) months all contribute to those extra pounds. These become noticeable as we get back into our regular routine. Over the years that I have been training people, I have found that there are a few highly effective measures that you can apply immediately, to get you back to your pre-holiday best.

Nothing facilitates lasting fat-loss better than an honest combination of extra physical movement coupled with a gentle reduction of a few of those calories…. and there is no better motivator than a visual cue. So firstly, record the parameter that you’d like to change over the next four weeks. This could be your waist measurement, weight, body fat percentage, or a photo of how you look in a certain pair of jeans.

Secondly, on a piece of paper list all of the positive things that you can do, which done daily WILL get you to that goal. This list will be personal to you and your lifestyle, but can include things like, ‘have planned, perfect breakfast in the morning’, ‘do a workout today’, ‘just 2 cups of coffee today’, ‘stay on feet for more than 3 hours in total’, ‘just the one glass with dinner tonight’, ‘aim for a starter and main or main and dessert; but not all three’, ‘fill half my lunch and dinner plate with crunchy vegetables today’. This list needs to have at least 10 things on it – all of them achievable and realistic!

Thirdly, and vitally… this list needs to go up on a wall or fridge, next to a calendar. If you can honestly achieve FIVE ticks per day (one tick per achievement…) you WILL shed those pounds. A bonus to this is that you can look back with pride at how well you are doing. Try it. It works!


First published in ‘Knightsbridge Village’, August 2013